Black People Think I Look Like...

I've been living in Atlanta for over five years, and not a week goes by without a black person approaching me and telling me that I look like a celebrity. I resolved to take a picture of myself each time that happened, in the clothes I was wearing that day. Did a black person tell you that you look like somebody famous? Email me with a photo!

Monday, February 06, 2006

Elton John!

Elton John!
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Thank God! I thought the ol' well had gone dry when I got new, slightly different glasses. That all ended today when the Black fellow with the bleached goatee and nose ring behind the counter at Subway (who listens to country music, no less) said, "Hi, Elton", when I walked in the door.


At 10:10 AM, Blogger igotmoxie said...

i'd have to say mo rocca....but i'm a white girl.

that many black and latin americans think is hispanic...but i'm not.
i'm a waspy-wasperson mishmash of scotish and welsh.


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