Black People Think I Look Like...

I've been living in Atlanta for over five years, and not a week goes by without a black person approaching me and telling me that I look like a celebrity. I resolved to take a picture of myself each time that happened, in the clothes I was wearing that day. Did a black person tell you that you look like somebody famous? Email me with a photo!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

John Lennon

Thank Christ! It's been exactly two months since a black person who didn't know me walked up to me and told me that I looked like a celebrity. I thought I'd killed the goose that laid the golden egg by starting this blog! I thought that maybe the jig was up, and somebody at the annual meeting told everybody to ignore me. Sigh of relief. Yesterday, the manager of our local Starbucks came up to me from across the room to tell me that I looked like John Lennon....or to be more exact, like a Starbucks Marketing Director who looks like John Lennon. Still, I'll take it.


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