Black People Think I Look Like...

I've been living in Atlanta for over five years, and not a week goes by without a black person approaching me and telling me that I look like a celebrity. I resolved to take a picture of myself each time that happened, in the clothes I was wearing that day. Did a black person tell you that you look like somebody famous? Email me with a photo!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Hippie!

I was mowing my lawn on Saturday when a fellow named Bruce walked by and asked me if he could mow my lawn for $2. I don't know how much of a bargain that would be, because my front lawn is about the size of a postage stamp. I turned down his kind offer, but did agree to get a glass of water for him. When I brought him a glass of water, he asked me if anybody ever told me I looked like a hippie. I told him that people really didn't tell me that, but he insisted that it was true. Here's a picture that I snapped of myself with my camera phone shortly thereafter. Tune in, turn on, and finish mowing the lawn for chrissake!

Superman! No...Spiderman!

Last week, I stopped by my neighbor Ms. Evans' house for her weekly Saturday garage sale and fish fry. There were several young men hanging out on her porch eating Chinese food (why would anybody choose to eat Chinese food over Ms. Evans' catfish?). One of the fellows asked me if anyone ever told me that I looked like Superman. I replied that they hadn't, and he changed his mind and decided that I looked like Spiderman. I snapped this picture of myself when I was on the way home with a big plate of freshly cooked catfish. Mmmmm. Thanks, Ms. Evans!